Steps to building a dream home…

When you think that building or renovating is the right move for you, the task can still seem daunting!  Here’s a quick overview of how long the process might take. However, consider that each project’s needs are different and your family’s schedules will also play a large role in determining the length of the build. So, timelines will vary!


With your ‘wishes’ in hand, talk to several Builders.

Refine your ideas

Determine the actual size your new home will be

Discover if you can build on your current lot, or if you will require new property

Get an idea of costs with an initial estimate

At this point the process the search for a new property might start, if needed.

Hire a Builder, Architect and Designer. Often, a reputable Builder can recommend a couple of appropriate Architects and Designers based on your construction needs.  At this stage, you will begin to incur design and development costs for creating the schematic plans and drawings of your new space and for the time and effort to research and collect design samples.

Establish the Scope of Work and Finishings.  This lays out all the objectives and sets goals for everyone.  It also established the official cost plan.  (Note that a good Builder will also offer the opportunity to have the plans priced elsewhere.)


Obtain community/government approvals.  The Builder and/or the Architect will apply for these approvals.

Create a contract.  You have your property.  You have your plans.  You’ve got a great relationship going with your Builder. So, now’s the time to confirm your commitment and make all the preliminary hard work pay off.


BUILD!  At Cricket Hill Homes, we manage all the aspects of arranging suppliers to tear down, remove debris, dig, frame, roof, add plumbing and electrical, install exterior material and trim, create custom carpentry, install walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, etc.

Work on the fine details.  This is the best part – seeing your home become a reality and then watching as the finer points of your customization are created!

Along the way there will be questions that arise and things that will need adjustment.  Our Cricket Hill Homes team has had tremendous experience is problem solving and we’ll be there to offer ideas and solutions to make sure your goals are met.  After all, we want you to enjoy to process as much as we do!

Building your dream.