Some Sage Advice

Be realistic with your budget at the start, there is no “free lunch’ in building. As with all the best things in life, there is a cost associated to it and it’s worth it.

Think your objectives through at the outset. Most of the work is done in the planning and design stage. Building should primarily be the execution of the thorough work done previously and that’s why it makes great sense to engage your builder early in the process.

Set a parameter around a realistic budget. Our most successful projects have been those where our homeowners have negotiated a cost up front and generally stuck to it.

Even with great planning, it’s quite typical for homeowners to increase the project cost by between 5%-10% along the way.  There are always extra enhancements you may desire – this is normal and exciting!  So, allow yourself the wiggle room.

The Builder can help with many details, however, it takes a lot of thought and discussion in the early stages to clarify the overall objectives for the project and what the budget needs to be, in order for construction to be done well.

Be as specific as possible within the contract. It serves as a road map for both the builder and the homeowner during construction and offers clarity to keep things on track.

Talk to your neighbours and bring them into the process. Don’t disregard the effects that the build will have upon the street. Consider the attitudes and communication style when engaging a Builder. After all, you plan on enjoying your new home and you don’t want frustrated neighbours as your welcome!

Let your Builder build. While a second pair of eyes should be welcome by the Builder, (after all, it’s your dream), but a professional Builder shouldn’t require constant intervention, especially if the details were discussed in the planning process. The construction stage is a matter of execution and that’s why you did your homework upfront in researching the Builder’s credentials, so you could have peace of mind when the hammer hits the nails.

Be easy on yourself. You are going to add things, change things and have indecision. An experienced Builder will have gone through these periods many times and can help you through them with thoughtful suggestions.

Bear in mind that once construction is finished on your new home, you may need to do some landscaping and add new furnishings.

Developing a great relationship with your Builder is crucial.  Well after you’ve moved in, you will still want to engage the services of the Builder for ongoing maintenance.  And, the Builder should want you as a reference for future work.  So, the conclusion of the project should be as enjoyable as the beginning!

Building your dream.