Finding the right partner

It’s our firm belief that engaging the services of a Builder from the start of your homebuilding project is the best avenue for capturing your dreams for a new home. However, we understand that when you are just starting out, this search can seem like an overwhelming and intimidating task.

Why commit to a builder in the beginning?
How can this be to our cost benefit?

The simple truths about a successful building project are these:

  • A great experience is based upon the relationship between homeowner and Builder. You will be working extensively and closely with the Builder for a long period of time, so you want to work with someone who is experienced, accomplished, eagerly offers references, and with whom you just feel relaxed comfortable.
  • When you work with a Builder throughout the whole process, your design criteria can be met in a more cost effective way, which will impact your budget. Throughout the design process, the Builder will be able to provide perspective on the costs associated with any ideas or requests. Construction issues can be addressed and alternative ideas provided, which can be incorporated into the design at the outset, alleviating the need for sometimes costly revisions and time delays.

But does engaging the Builder early limit my ability to ensure cost competitiveness?

  • A good Builder will only charge you for design and development charges and not tie you to a contractual construction agreement in the early stages. Essentially, the Builder’s knowledge and expertise are included with the design and development package. It’s the best of both worlds.

  • A reputable Builder would not oppose the homeowner getting secondary quotations at the end of the design process.

  • At Cricket Hill Homes, it’s been our experience that once both parties have gone through the planning and design, budget discussions, and subsequent adjustments as the project unfolds, the costs tend to even out through this process. We make sure to let you know, when a new request is going to impact the budget. But, many times, we do that little extra, just because we want to be proud of what we build and we love seeing the look on our homeowner’s faces when they see the effort and detail we include in all our homes.

What to look for in a Builder

  • Reputation, Reputation, Reputation!

  • Experience and lots of references. Call these homeowners and ask to visit any past purchasers to view their homes and discuss their experience. Ask about project timing, quality and ongoing service.

  • Determine if the Builder has constructed any comparable projects to the one you are envisioning.

  • Most Builders can build to any type of budget.  Whether you think you want to spend moderately or create a high-end property, a great Builder will not compromise the quality of the construction.  It is the finishing materials and extent of details that impact costs, not the workmanship. So, don’t hesitate to have a dialogue with a premium Builder.

  • The best Builders are experienced in many levels of design, planning and development.

  • You want to know that a Builder is in it for the long term and will be there to service your home well after it’s been built.

  • It almost goes without saying, and you will know within one conversation typically, whether you feel a Builder conducts themselves with integrity and professionalism.

  • The ability to listen.  Maybe we should make this first on the list!  A Builder who cares about developing a great relationship with you will want to hear all about your objectives and desires and then responds by making your needs their primary goal!

Building your dream.