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Sourcing Property


You've done all your homework, reviewed your options and discovered that renovating your existing home or buying something new just won't meet your design objectives. But you've got that dream and can envision the home that's right for you.  So what to do?

You may want to consider purchasing a new property, which can either be renovated or built new, in order to achieve your goals. It can be a challenging process to find the right property to purchase. How do you know that a property is completely suitable, so that after you've bought, it really meets all your criteria? No one wants to go throught the effort of obtaining property only to find it's not possible to build to the ideas envisioned.



At Cricket Hill Homes, Peter and Patrice have successfully assisted numerous homeowners with this challenge. Together, they have the expertise not only to locate the property for you, but also research the design parameters and even provide a preliminary design on the renovation or new build, often before you make an offer to purchase. This allows you to purchase a property in total confidence, knowing your expectiations are possible. And, you'll have a bit of a kick-start, to hit the ground running after you've got the right property, so you can move right into the full design and development stage.




You're one huge step closer to achieving your goals when you engage Cricket Hill Homes at the outset.  With Patrice’s knowledge of real estate and design, along with Peter’s experience in building and development, they are the perfect team to assist in making your dream a reality!


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